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Natural Soaps

Glacier Valley Soaps are made with all natural ingredients and pure Alaska spring water. No chemical-based fragrance oils. We use natural essential oils and natural colors. Many of our soaps are vegan.


A special soap for every individual

We craft soaps for everyone from the girly girl (OOH LA LAVENDER) to the manly (or womanly) outdoor enthusiast (Unscented HUNTER’S CAMO)! See our menu for what’s fresh today. 


Good for you - good for the environment!

You no longer need to use harsh commercial chemicals on your skin and you don’t need to put those chemicals down your drain that ultimately end up in our rivers and oceans - where much of our drinking water and seafood comes from!

The glacier valley soap company story


It was a dark and stormy night . . . where all good stories begin! Those storms in Alaska bring the snow and rain that feed our glaciers, creeks, rivers and the coastal oceans – the very places we rely upon for clean water and healthy fish. Glacier Valley Soap Company was born out of a desire to make it easy for us all to do another small part to protect the world we live in, while taking good care of ourselves. Most Glacier Valley Soaps are made with all-natural ingredients* and are minimally packaged. While many handcrafted soaps are designed to be good for your body, Glacier Valley Soap Company STARTS with the goal of being good for what goes down the drain and ultimately ends up in our drinking water sources and the waters from which we collect our seafood - salmon, halibut, shrimp and other goodies. It’s just an added bonus that the soaps are luxurious, a treat to use, and good for your skin too!

*The occasional exceptions are the use of beer from the local brewery and micas for some colors. (Mica is considered natural by some people but not everyone.)

Meet the “Soapmaker Extraordinaire” - Lynn Kent

I spent a full and rewarding career helping Alaskan industries (oil, mining, agriculture, seafood, timber, construction and others) find economical ways to do business while protecting the environment, finishing up as the Deputy Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. Since retiring, I have continued to train for triathlon races and spend as much time as possible out on my boat in Prince William Sound, fishing and exploring remote areas on shore. In addition to volunteer work, I felt the need to provide expanded ways for others to contribute to a clean environment while using an everyday but amazing, pampering product. I love making Glacier Valley Soap Company’s fleet of all-natural soaps and enjoy having the time to make specialty soaps like MIDNIGHT SUN and Sea Otter Swirl artistic soaps, HUNTER’S CAMO (unscented to avoid calling in bears or alerting game to our presence!), and a variety of soaps made with beer from my neighbor, Girdwood Brewing Company.

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